Whereas we have conveyed all the bike tracks in Istria equipped with a GPS device, we have decided to publish the collected data on the web pages. Except for navigation, this device is also used for the collection of data about the conveyed tracks. Thus, we can collect the data on all the relevant points of the track (crossings, deviations, accommodation, shops, cultural-historical attractions, service information …) with maximal possible accuracy.

The GPS device is used for satellite navigation. The device receives the signals from the satellite and by means of them calculates your exact position and permits you to orientate in a simple way into the environment.

We have published three sets of data, in three different formats, that you can adopt with your GPS device. The published data refers to the waypoints, the track logs generated by the GPS and the track route. The published formats are suitable for two GPS programmes (OziExplorer and MapSource).

All the GPS data published on the web pages are prepared with maximum care.

Please inform us at our E-mail address: about each imperfection or inaccuracy that you may notice on our web pages, so we can be able to complete or correct the data and assure you so many pleasant rides along the bike tracks of Dalmatia