Region: Island Hvar

Apartments IDA

Apartments IDA are located in Sućuraj, small town on the eastern side of the island Hvar. It is ideal for those who want to enjoy a peaceful holiday, away from noisy streets and crowded places or travelers who search for an overnight paradise before reaching the historical and wondrous of island Hvar, Korčula, Dubrovnik, Split…… Read more »


This 174,2km long track leads from one side of the island to the other and back. It starts at Vir bay near the town of Hvar and passes through all the major island settlements; Hvar, Stari Grad, Jelsa and Sućuraj. The road is paved and suitable for all types of bicycles.


The track is circular, shaped in the form of number 8, overlapping in the middle. The track is 20,6km long, and mostly off road. It starts at the bus station in town Hvar, and then it climbs towards the electric substation, where the actual off road track begins, through fields of Hvar and olive gardens… Read more »

Malo Grablje

Circular track, located on the western area of the island. Track begins at centre of town Hvar, next to the bus station, and continues on the state road D-116 towards east to Milna settlement. After that we take the unpaved roads towards north, leading trough Malo Grablje settlement to the Velo Grablje village. Track merges… Read more »

Sv. Nikola

A circular track, 40,5km long, is a combination of tarmac and unpaved road, which passes through the centre area of the island. The track starts above the Dubovica bay, on the state road D-116. Just before the Selca tunnel, the road turns into off-road and climbs towards the highest peak of Hvar, St. Nicholas (626m)…. Read more »

Purkin kuk

A circular track, a combination of tarmac and unpaved road, 21,5km long. Located on the centre area of the island the track begins in Stari Grad on the corner of city park. Continuing west we reach the ferry port, where we turn in the old road towards Velo Grablje. Just before the viewpoint, the path… Read more »

Kroz Dračevicu

A circular track located in the centre of the island. Most of the track is unpaved and the track itself is 16,3km long. Most of the track goes through Starigrad field and nearby villages. Track starts at Vrboska village, turning north over the bridge up to unpaved road leading through olive gardens and pinewood trees… Read more »


This is a circular track, mostly passing through Kabal peninsula. The track begins in Stari Grad on the corner of city park. Continuing north, we reach Rudine village. From Rudine, we take the unpaved road towards Kabal peninsula, where the road takes an Y shape, going to two capes but returning to the same road back…. Read more »

Preko Vrha

A combination of tarmac and off-road track, this 23.9km long track, passes through the middle of the island and stretches through the ridge from the east to the west. The track begins in Jelsa, turning south towards Pitve village. After that, but just before the tunnel towards Zavala, we take an unpaved road climbing up the… Read more »


Questo itinerario circolare e si svolge nella parte centrale dell’isola, passando per la maggior parte attraverso Starigradsko polje (il campo di Starigrad) e i paesi circostanti. Il percorso inizia a Jelsa, proseguendo lungomare verso nord fino a Vrboska. Dopo Vrboska  si passa sulla strada sterrata attraverso Starigradsko polje. All’arrivo a Starigrad si gira a sud… Read more »