Biokovo tour

Route Description

Climbing to the highest peak of Mt. Biokovo, St. George (Sv. Jure) at an elevation of 1762 m makes this a highly demanding route. The average time needed to reach the peak of St. George is three hours, though this will depend on the age category and skill of the rider. Riders should inspect their bicycles for safety and embark only with full equipment, additional clothing and certainly, a helmet. The route is about 30 km in length (one-way) and passes the entire area of the Biokovo roads, over a total of 23 km, and is the highest paved road in the Republic of Croatia. From Makarska to Tučepi it continues along the main road Makarska-Vrgorac (D 512) until the entrance to Biokovo Nature Park. The paved road within the park becomes narrower, and rises almost 600 m in just 5 km, which is quite a steep climb. From the Staza Pass to Ravna Vlaška the trail climbs just 250 m over 4 kilometres, as a true adaptation to mountain conditions. Further via Lađana (1300 m), and on to Vošac (1422 m), the ride is pleasant. After just over 4 km, the attack on St. George’s peak begins, the second highest peak in Croatia. With a little rest under the mountain lodge under the peak, and via the hairpin turns, you will reach the peak of Biokovo and revel in the amazing view.