Route Description

This route of 45 km goes along the road, starting from the centre of Supetar and going to the west part of the island. Passing through Mirci and Sutivan, you get to Ložišća – one of the most beautiful villages of the island, dominated by the bell tower, a masterpiece of Supetar-born and the father of modern Croatian sculpture – Ivan Rendić. Continue along this road to Milna – a beautiful bay and the most western settlement on the island. Go back on the same road, passing again through Ložišća, Dračevica and Donji Humac, where a visit to the local wineries, restaurants and art galleries is a must. An asphalt road from Donji Humac takes you on a descending slope to Supetar, with a wonderful view overlooking the channel of Brač.

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