Route Description

This is the longest bike route on the island (180,1km). It will take you through almost all the villages on the island and that’s why it was named after St. George – the patron saint of the island. This is a challenging route, but once you’ve completed it, you can boast that you’ve got to know the island in its entirety. We’ve selected only a few attractions along the way – the bell tower in Ložišća, the church of Saint Peter with a pine tree on its roof in Nerežišća, Zlatni rat beach in Bol, the church of Christ the King in Selca, the early-Christian basilica in Povlja, the stone-masonry school in Pučišća and the museum of the island of Brač in Škrip. Anyone who can prove that they’ve cycled the route and presents the evidence (Strava, gpx, a selfie, etc) in the Tourist office of Supetar, will be awarded a diploma The King of Brač and will be officially ranked.

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