Three fields

Route Description

In the embrace of colors and scents of the Vrgorac fields Rastok, Jezero and Bunina, through which the river Matica meanders on a 47-kilometer-long road on which easy ascents and resting descents alternate, enchanting views of strawberry fields await you. From Vrgorac, the road begins to descend to the villages of Banja and Orah, following the edge of the Rastok field, after which, following the signs for the bike path, you enter the heart of this field full of Vrgorac strawberry plantations. You cross the entire width of the Rastok field along the field road, while in the distance Vrgorac and the magnificent sharp peak of the Matokit mountain rise. The bike path signs take you across the plain to the village of Podprolog, followed by a slight ascent to the village of Veliki Prolog, famous for the traditional feast of the Assumption.

Enjoy the descent from Veliki Prolog to the village of Dusina with a magnificent view of the endless vineyards and orchards of peaches, plums, watermelons, nectarines that adorn the views of the cultivated fertile field Jezero from which springs the perfect harmony of nature and hard work. In this picturesque natural environment where colors, pure sources, smells and tastes reign, all tradition and production has been preserved. Following the markings of the bicycle path, you cross the entire width of the Jezero field and on the other side of the field drive along the road through the village Umčani, where the tradition of knitting pots, tubers and other handicrafts is still forgotten.

Driving past the canopy of fruit trees and vineyards, you discover a small hidden path among the hills that leads you through the village Kutac all the way to the sunny field Bunina another field that sweetens you with Vrgorac strawberries and top quality wine. You continue on the road to the unique rural ambience of the ethno village Kokorići, and after a vacation with local specialties, the road takes you to Višnjci and further to Vrgorac. Congratulations, you have met three Vrgorje fields, magical in all seasons – dormant in winter, shrouded in blooming fruit in spring, and full of sweet fruits of nature and hardworking hands in summer and autumn.