Tučepi-Podgora tour

Route Description

The route begins from the promenade in the harbour, along the sea, all the way to the end of the town. After exiting from the Dračevac beach, the trail climbs up to the state road towards Dubrovnik and continues 350 m to the area of Garmi, where it again joins the coastal walking area in Plišivac and then Podgora. The route follows the promenade through Podgora until it reaches Čaklja Bay, and then turns left, crosses the main road to the villages Vruja – Miličići, Jakići, Kržanići. The steep gravel trail, with steps between the houses, continues along the paved road that leads through old Podgora, with a multitude of picturesque hamlets on parallel paved roads. Winding through one of the most beautiful parts of the Biokovo foothills, the paved road reaches the main road Vrgorac-Makarska (D 512) and passes through the village of Gornji Tučepi, then the gravel road descends to Makarska, where it runs through the centre and along the waterfront and into Osejava. After arriving on a gravel road that runs pleasantly through the forest, the route takes you to the entrance into Tučepi next to the Jadran Hotel, and then again joins up with the walkway all the way to the harbour.