Route Description

This asphalt route starts in the centre of Zagvozd and takes you over Grabovac to Šestanovac. As soon as you leave Zagvozd and en route to Šestanovac on the left side of the road, you can find a medieval tombstone called Wolf’s scratch – Vukov greb, with a beautiful top. One side shows a hunting scene, where a hunter with a sword chases two deer. The legend says that the Wolf moved here from Bosnia, thus escaping from his lord, which made him fight in the war. This tombstone has been shown in exhibitions in Paris in 1963, Sarajevo in 1970 and Budapest in 1972 and was returned to Zagvozd in 1974. After Šestanovac, continue towards Žeževica and Lovreć and then further eastwards, taking a right turn towards Medov Dolac. Ride uphill towards Dobričani and the merge with the state road D76. It’s all downhill now until you get to your starting point – Zagvozd. Along the route you can see many burrows with medieval tombstones, with or without tops and plates in the settlements of Grabovci, Lovreć, Medov Dolac and Zagvozd.