Route Type: Asphalt & Macadam

Rera Trilj

To get to Kukuzovac, start in the park in Trilj and continue along the river bank, up to Turjaci. You come up to where the old railway Rera used to be and connect Split and Sinj in 1902. Continue through the Prisoj wood and go on to Dicmo. Another four cycle routes interconnect at this… Read more »

Via Brachia

This circular route, a combination of macadam roads, was named after a local olive oil tasting shop, situated in the middle of the main square in Selca, where the route’s starting point is. It’s 37.49 km long and runs parallel to the state road. It follows a macadam road westbound along the south-eastern slopes 400… Read more »


Vrhbrača is an old name for the most eastern part of the island, where the circular route follows macadam road in 16,51 km length. Start in the centre of Selca, a lovely stone-masonry village with a beautiful church and over 10 monuments of various historical figures. The whole village was built exclusively in white stone… Read more »

Panorama Povlja

This circular macadam route covers the north-eastern part of the island and connect a coastal settlement of Povlja with Novo Selo on a hill inland. The route goes along thick woods and enormous quarries, the endless source of white stone of Brač, the symbol of the island. We suggest you take a break and visit… Read more »


This cycle route starts from downtown Bol eastbound to a Dominican monastery. Continue going eastbound through olive groves and vineyards until you get to the route’s end. Do a U-turn and go back to Bol on an old road towards Murvica and then back on the foot path which will take you directly into downtown… Read more »

Srce Brača

From the northern to the southern side of the island, over the shepherd’s plateau of the island, you’ll stumble upon indigenously pure allure of the island – an island as it’s always been. Cycling through charming villages of Pučišća, with its stone house,s and Zlatni rat beach in Bol, you’ll encounter wonderful countryside with unforgettable… Read more »


This is a somewhat demanding route, 31,8 km long. It was named after a mountaineering society “Profunda – Brač”, which is active all over the island and whose members need to be thanked for the constitution and organisation of many cycle and foot paths throughout the island. From Postira, the route takes you to Dol… Read more »

Macića i vivera

The 19,6 km long route is named after unearthly beings associated with the villages of Postira and Dol. Should you meet any of the locals, make sure you ask them about the legends of the two. From the centre of Postira, follow  the field paths which will take you to an archeological site Mirje and… Read more »

Sv. Roko

This 15 km long family friendly route takes you from the centre of Supetar, over Mirce, along the north-western coast of the island to Sutivan – a beautiful village whose patron saint is Saint Roko. The route mostly goes along the coastline, there aren’t many ascents and is therefore suitable for all cyclists. Enjoy the… Read more »

Drvenik-Gradac tour

The route begins at Drvenik, from the eastern side of the promenade in Donja Vala, along the paved road right along the seashore, through Gornja Vala towards Zaostrog. After 3 km, you will enter Zaostrog on a paved trail a few hundred metres long. In Zaostrog, the route passes by the Franciscan monastery which is… Read more »